Welcome to  the home of NBHA MT.  We are pleased to present this website along with the individuals leading our Montana Chapter.
                              NBHA MT State Co-Director:  
                                                   Jolene Burke

A Little about Jolene: 
Jolene graduated from Drummond High School and has resided in Arlee for 
several years.  Her love of horses and speed drew her to barrel racing.  Jolene
 has produced barrel races and has worked closely ensuring ground conditions
 be the best they can possibly be in various arenas.  Jolene works in the aviation industry.
 If you have any questions regarding NBHA MT, feel free to contact her @ mtnbha@gmail.com 

                                                                   Wendy McCaffree

                                                            After 5 years as the MT State Director, Wendy turned her duties over to                                                               Jolene.  But with the immense growth the state association was                                                                               experiencing the position became nearly  a full time job so Wendy                                                                         agreed to split  the responsibilities and work together as a team effort in                                                               order to keep up with the amazing growth of NBHA MT.  Wendy has her                                                             own barrel  race production company, Win$um Productions,                                                                                   producing barrel  races and works with stock contractors to enhance the                                                               barrel racing event at their rodeos.                                                               Wendy can be reached at nbhamt@yahoo.com


NBHA MT District Directors:
District 1:  Gina Welch
   District 2: Codi Lynn Smith
District 3:  Karli Madison
  District 4: Cindy Cowan
District 5: Rae Lynn Hays
       District 6: Jamie Harberts
District 8:  Juli Jo Kelly
District 9: Paige Leavitt

   District Directors have an obligation to their District to coordinate  
                      no less than 6 or more than 15 barrel races within the season, keep an up to date points 
                 record available to members at each race, and recruit membership.  The map above will give you   
                    an idea of the Districts that you may declare  membership in.  An NBHA membership  allows 
             you to  compete at any NBHA sanctioned barrel race.  You may only earn points in the District you
                         declare your membership in and may only participate in one State Finals nationwide.
                            Please contact a District Director for a membership application or go online to www.nbha.com

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